A Tour of Philly + Making Dumplings

I miss how incredibly easy it was for me to stay in touch with people on Instagram.

I could snap a picture and tell people where I was, what was doing, and how much fun I was having. Of course, the downside was that everyone else did the same thing.

Whenever I used the app, I would feel anxious and inadequate because I couldn’t help but compare myself to other people. I also felt drained because I somehow believed that I needed to keep up with strangers on the Internet who were always doing new and exciting things. And as time went on, I gradually ended up equating my self-worth to the number of “hearts” and “likes” that I got on my posts. The more hearts I got, the more I felt like I was succeeding in life.

It was bad.

I didn’t get much sleep either because I would mindlessly scroll through that bottomless feed for several hours past my bedtime. But now that I’m not on social media, I’ve been thinking about how I could maybe use e-mail (I know!) as a non-addictive way for me to update friends and family.

I hope it’s alright that I added your e-mail in this newsletter. You’re free to unsubscribe, filter, ignore, or archive as you please!

Cousins Visit Philly

Paige and Danica came over for President’s Day weekend to visit and get a tour of Philly. We were all over the place, hopping on virtually every available SEPTA transit!

  • Reading Terminal Market
  • Mütter Museum
  • Amalgam Comics
  • Atomic City Comics
  • Free Library Of Philadelphia
  • Magic Gardens
  • Eastern State Penitentiary

Mütter Museum

I had never been to Mütter myself, so it was interesting (and a bit nauseating) to see all sorts of medical oddities and history like enlarged colons, rare skeletal disorders, cysts, and civil war era medicine.

Eastern State Penitentiary

Steve Buscemi’s voice guided us through the penitentiary as we listened to the audio tour on our headphones. The place was designed to “inspire penitence, or true regret, in the hearts of prisoners” and influenced other prisons in the US. Not only did they talk about the history of prisons, but they also explain the causes of today’s mass incarceration.


Andrea and I made dumplings from scratch! Well, except for the wrapper. The filling had pork, shiitake, carrots, and cabbage, and it filled around 80 dumplings. I had a few failed attempts at making the dumpling, but it was surprisingly easy to get into the groove of things.

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