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Yurts and books.

I’ve always had trouble reading fiction. Reading is often informational and a source of personal growth for me so I’ve had a tendency to reach for non-fiction books on my down time. Reading non-fiction for me had made a lot of sense because it’s very relevant to my everyday life. Just take a look at […]


Community. Prom. Philippines.

I’m starting to love it here in South Philly. I’m really feeling a sense of community since I moved. Last week I split my WiFi (now paying only $15/month!) and compost bucket with my downstairs neighbor. It’s also incredibly easy to find community-based activities around the area like cooking classes and volunteer work. Design Work […]

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I moved!

So I’ve been packing my stuff into boxes all week, and I’ve finally moved into my new place and unpacked! It feels like I’ve been preparing for this for a while now, and I’m glad it’s over. Two things I did differently this time: I got the boxes for free by asking grocery stores and […]